About Zambezi Puppets

Elizabeth NorvalElizabeth Norval, founder of Zambezi Puppets,  grew up in South Africa. She began experimenting with puppets as a child of eleven, when she and her friends performed with matchbox puppets they had crafted. Eight years later she constructed a set of puppets to use as teaching tools for her first graders.

When her sons had birthday parties, she performed for them. After building a stage, she began performing at schools and clubs. When she moved with her family to Gainesville Florida in 1990, she established Zambezi Puppets. Her early shows revolved around a set of puppets created to depict life in Zimbabwe.

Elizabeth taught first grade at Fuller Elementary Gifted and Talented Magnet School. She enjoyed teaching the elective, Puppet Play, and created plays for her students to perform. Her alligator puppet was a hit celebrating each child’s birthday.

Recently retired from teaching, Elizabeth is now enjoys spending time with her family and putting her full energy into puppetry and gardening.

Munyaradzi and Tendai

Munyaradzi and Tendai
How Munyaradzi and Tendai Came to Be... Sitting in the car at a traffic intersection in Gainesville, Florida, feeling homesick for Africa and Zimbabwe, it occurred to me that I could recreate some of my best...

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