Available Shows

For Very Young Children (ages one to three)

(or for a short appearance to spice up the party):

  • Gulliver Gator and Elizabeth will arrive at the door to say hello and find where he and his puppet friends will perform for the children.
  • After Gulliver comes out of his box and does a special trick, two marionettes will dance.
  • Next, a story with flannel board characters will delight the little people.

Mix and Match

45 minute show

These shows are performed with a puppet theater. Theater erection time is about an hour. The stage requires a six foot wide and four foot deep space for set up. There needs to be a large area in front of the stage where the audience can sit. It is preferable to have a windowless wall behind the puppet theater, so that the puppeteer is invisible behind the screen. Children very quickly focus on the puppets rather than the puppeteer’s outline, if the solid wall option is not possible. An electrical outlet close to the stage is required.

Select two of the following:

a) Little Red Riding Hood – the traditional fairy tale retold by delightful glove puppets. Don’t worry – the wolf does not get killed, He is chased away by the woodcutter.

b) Frederick the Brave, Brave Dragon – a dragon loses his courage when an evil witch casts a spell on him. He regains it when he is reminded that, “prayer and love bring courage from above.” The audience helps the dragon by urging him on.

c) The Boxing Match – Two dog puppets set out to have a boxing match. When they realize one of them is likely to be hurt, they agree that it is better to play games that do not involve fighting. This show involves a lot of audience participation, with children urging the puppets on.

d) The Mystery of the Missing Library Books –Library books are being eaten by a mystery intruder. The audience help Gregory Gator solve the mystery. This story encourages children to respect and value library books, and encourages an appreciation of reading. There is also audience participation as the children urge the detective to stay awake.

e) Peter Rabbit The story by Beatrix Potter brought to life with puppets.
f) The Missing Easter Basket- The Easter Bunny’s Last Easter basket is stolen by a wolf. He learns that stealing is wrong. The wolf makes amends by owning up to his mistake.

g) Trying Tiger A tiger auditions for a circus with unexpected results.

Munyaradzi Goes to School

45 minute show

Set in Zimbabwe, this show begins with sharing artifacts from Zimbabwe, some of them musical instruments. I then teach the children some words in Shona, the native language of majority of people living in Zimbabwe. After providing some background knowledge, I perform with hand puppets to tell the story of a day in the life of two Zimbabwean children from the rural areas of the country. The story is based on actual events in Africa.

See highlights from a recent performance in Holly Springs, NC

Custom Shows

Elizabeth can work with you to create a specific show, if you give her adequate time to make or acquire the puppets.

Cost depends on length of show and puppets/sets requested.