Zambezi Puppets Workshops 1 One of the joys of puppetry is that it is so adaptable. From my earliest beginnings, I’ve created shows with specific messages. These shows value input from the children and are performed by them.

Some of My Workshops:

Preservation of the Sea Turtle – performed by children of the Gainseville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
The children made eggs and turtles

First Encounters  – the meeting of the Calusa and the Spanish during the first contact of the two groups in what is now Florida.
The children created a rod puppet Calusa or Spaniard
Puppet Play  – I taught Puppet Play as an elective at Fuller Elementary School in Raleigh once or twice a year. The 6 week class met four times a week for 40 minutes. We built a stage suited for children, so that children could perform with rod or shadow puppets. They performed plays they created. Different classes performed these plays:Zambezi Puppets Workshops 2
A Three Minute Nutcracker  – A song sung by the Fuller Elementary School Chorus, under the direction of Kenyann Stanford. The puppeteers used shadow puppets to perform to the music. They then used various kinds of puppets and recited Puppet Expose’, written by me to explain the different kinds of puppets and their uses.

Keep off the Grass  – a musical play written to help children understand that grass is a living organism and needs to be protected.

Concocting Compost – A musical play written to explain the role of earthworms and the importance of recycling food waste so that it turns into compost.

Zambezi Puppets Workshops 3